Heather Mitchell has a large number of seven figure settlements and verdicts.  Many lawyers claim settlements on their websites where they did no to little work on the file. All of the cases listed she did all the work up for the case.

Recent Verdict:   $7.5 million, pathology error, inaccurate interpretation of a pap smear, and error in following up and managing the abnormal result. This lead to a delay in diagnosing cervical cancer resulting in a radical hysterectomy and combined chemo/radiation therapy and long term consequences for the patient.

Verdict $7.5 million

Pathology Error – Inaccurate Interpretation of Pap Smear
and failure to follow up with result

Settlement $1.625 million

Anesthesia Death Case

Settlement $ 2.4 million

Surgical Error Resulting in Death

Settlement $1.7 million

Delay in Recognition of Post-op Bleeding

Settlement $1.375 million

Tractor Trailer Accident

Settlement $1.4 million

Delayed Diagnosis of Melanoma

Settlement $1.95 million

Radiology Error

Settlement $1.325 million

ER Death Case

Settlement $1.65 million

Radiology Error

Settlement $1.150 million

ER Failure to Diagnose Cardiac Condition

Settlement $1.25 million

Radiology Error/Death

Verdict $1.5 million

Failure to Timely Diagnose Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever Leading to Death

Verdict $3.2 million

Failure to Appropriately Monitor Post Surgery Resulting in Death

Verdict $1.1 million

Orthopedic Surgery Error in Managing a Tibal Fracture

Settlement $1.9 million

Radiology Error Failure to Diagnose Aneurysm

Settlement $3.25 million

Birth Injury

Settlement $1.2 million

Failure to Diagnose

Settlement $1.3 million

Laboratory Error

Settlement $1.65 million

Radiology Error