Laboratory errors occur in a variety of different ways.

Laboratory errors include pathology errors. This type of error can occur in a variety of different ways. One example is an error in specimen preparation, mislabeling or mixing up another patients tissue or blood with yours or your loved ones.  It can also include not accurately reporting the result or not assigning the result to the proper physician or patient.

Imaging example of laboratory errors

Laboratory ErrorsAnother type of pathology error is failure to accurately interpret the tissue on the pathology slide e.g. failing to recognize abnormal cells or cancerous cells on the tissue slide. This type of pathology error can be more difficult to prove because most of us are not experts in cell pathology.

Understanding how to present this evidence to a jury to help them understand the difference between normal cells, abnormal cells and cancer requires an experienced medical malpractice lawyer who can illustrate it an understandable way for lay jurors. Below is one example in a recent pathology error case, the failure to accurately interpret a patient’s pap smear test where the lab reported the wrong type of abnormality. This one exhibit demonstrated the pathology error in clearly visible and understandable way.

Linked is a research article analyzing different laboratory and pathology errors: bm-30-2-020502.pdf (

Understanding the process as to how laboratory and pathology errors occur and knowing how to present the evidence to jury in a clear manner is critical to proving liability in your case.