Under Oklahoma Law all health care providers must provide a patient with a copy of their medical records. The only exception are certain psychological, psychiatric or substance abuse treatment records. Go the website of the provider or go the Health Information Department at the institution and find their form to request medical records. You will need to sign the form and pay for copying charges.

Charges are fifty-cents ($.50) per page for paper copies or not to exceed $200.00 if transmitted electronically.

If the person has died, medical records can be obtained by a court appointed personal representative, administrator or executor. If none has been appointed, a surviving spouse or responsible family member can obtain the records. A responsible family member is defined as a parent, adult child, adult sibling or other adult relative actively involved in the care or monitoring of the care of the patient as verified by the treating health care providers.

The Oklahoma statute is: https://www.oscn.net/applications/oscn/DeliverDocument.asp?CiteID=439160

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